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Support, build, and participate in local, state and federal advocacy networks

These networks are necessary to secure funding and policies that advance Florida’s arts, arts education, and culture resources and create greater access for more people to experience arts and culture throughout Florida.



FCA’s statewide work totally depends upon the receipt of annual membership-dues support from arts and culture organizations, businesses, and individuals. 

Will you please join or renew your annual FCA membership dues today? 

Thank you for your support and follow-through advocacy actions.



FCA encourages you and other advocates to not only support the work of FCA by joining as an organizational, business, and individual member, but to also support arts, arts education, and cultural resources in your community


  buy tickets to arts, arts education, and culture events and exhibits;
  take classes and workshops offered by these arts and culture organizations;
►  attend lectures at cultural facilities;
►  invite family, friends, colleagues, and your policymakers and their families and staffs to join you;
  join and support arts/culture service organizations at the local, state, and national levels; and
  make annual tax-deductible contributions to those arts and culture organizations that matter to you.  


Public Private Key Buttons

Public and private partnerships in annual funding for these arts, arts education, and cultural resources are critical to sustain Florida not-for-profit arts and culture organizations and provide greater access:  

Do you know that support from admissions, memberships, and contracted fees only cover approximately 58% of most of Florida’s arts and culture not-for-profit organizations’ annual operating budgets?  The other 42% of their annual support are from individual contributions; local, state, and federal government matching grants; corporations; and foundations.  

Your support is valued and necessary to sustainability and accessibility. 


FCA encourages you to engage in and vote in every election. 

Support incumbents and candidates that are partners in our efforts to move arts, arts education, and culture forward and who want to provide greater access to these arts and cultural experiences for more Florida residents and tourists.