Florida drops from #10 to #48 in U.S.

Will you take THREE ACTION STEPS now
to help restore Florida-appropriation investments
fund all 664 well-vetted and recommended
2019-2020 DCA matching grants under
four DCA grants-program categories?

Status:  Florida has cut its annual appropriation investments by 94% over the last five years in its Florida Department of State (DOS) Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA) well-vetted and long-established matching grants’ programs:

FY 2014-2015 — $43 million state-appropriation investments to fully fund 100% of all recommended DCA matching grants;

FY 2018-2019 — $2,650,000 state appropriation that funded $0 to approximately 5% of qualified DCA matching-grant amounts under one DCA grant-funding category out of four.

Annual state-funding investments and partnerships
in these DCA well-vetted matching grants help
Florida’s non-profit arts and culture industry provide

  a $9 to $1 RETURN to local & state government treasuries annually;

  over a $4.7 BILLION statewide economic impact;

  support for over 247,843 JOBS;

  arts & cultural experiences to over 70 MILLION residents & tourists annually; and

  support for arts education that 79% of Floridians believe help students perform better academically.

Additional facts about Florida’s nonprofit arts and culture industry.

Share facts, speak up, and build greater understanding and partnerships with policymakers.

You can help restore Florida’s investments in its well-vetted statewide DCA matching grants.

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