Inform and communicate with your circle of people – family, friends, colleagues, policymakers — about the invaluable partnerships they play to provide and secure funding and policies so necessary to sustain and create greater access to Florida’s arts, arts education, and cultural resources.  

FCA encourages you to pay attention, stay informed, and follow through on action alerts sent to you throughout the year on local, state, and federal issues that impact arts, arts education, and culture. 
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Inform, influence, and secure support for appropriation investments and policies that advance excellence and sustainability for Florida’s arts and culture resources by learning and using a few powerful facts about arts and culture.  

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Diverse and quality arts and cultural experiences throughout Florida for more residents and tourists to access are totally dependent upon sustainable local, state, and federal funding partnerships and positive policies.

An informed and engaged network of advocates who work to secure local, state, and federal funding investments and friendly policies matter. 

Experience arts and culture and be a valuable and informed partner to ensure such creative experiences for all.