Every two months, this FCA page will focus on a Florida artist who uses his or her talents to bring attention to an issue that matters to a Florida community and/or the entire state.  If you want to nominate a Florida artist to be featured here in the future, please complete this quick online survey.  Thank you and the thousands of Florida artists who make Florida a creative, meaningful, and exciting place to live, work, and visit.

Featured Artist:  Janeen Mason

Her Issue: Clean water movement in Florida

Her Artistic Disciplines:  visual artist, author, illustrator, speaker, and national-award-winning children’s books

How is she using her talent to bring awareness to this issue?

The Solidarity Fish Projectwatch video.


Janeen Mason Fish Image

     This simple wooden fish is splashed in vivid colors on one side; but when flipped over, it reveals in stark contrast skeletal remains on a black background.  Viewed individually, each is unique and beautiful.  When they are exhibited together by the thousand(s), they are a monumental, temporary public art installation that connects participants and passers-by.

     The Solidarity Fish, painted by kids and ordinary people, are an icon of the clean water movement in Florida. They have traveled from the Everglades to Washington, D.C., from the steps of the Capitol in Tallahassee to the cover of most major Florida newspapers and even in The New York Times.  

     This is a striking participatory art project created by ordinary people doing extraordinary things that raise awareness and inspire stewardship.  Working together to change the status quo and improve and sustain quality water in our Florida rivers and waterways are major goals of The Solidarity Fish Project.

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