Arts & Culture are Critical to Florida's Recovery

9 Year Look Back at State Arts Grants Funding *FYE 2023 Pending Governor's Signature

This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts. Learn more about how National Endowment for the Arts grants impact individuals and communities at

This project is supported in part by grant funding from South Arts in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts. Learn more at

For the Economy

227,000 Jobs in Florida
59,000 (mostly small) Florida Businesses

Highly desirable adaptive and creative workforce powering entertainment, tourism, education, communication and design industries.

For Education

Higher GPAs
Higher Test Scores
Develops Self Agency & Discipline
Innovative, Analytical, Problem Solving Skills Development

Quality of Life
For Quality of Life

Cross Generational, Cultural & Socio Economic Engagement
Community Customization
Catalyst for District and Neighborhood Revitalization

Economy - copy
For the Economy

$4.7 Billion Impact on Florida Economy
$9 to $1 ROI for State & Local Coffers
#1 destination determining factor among Generation X, Boomer and Millennial tourists.

Education - copy
For Education

Higher Graduation Rates
Lower Dropout Rates
Results based, team oriented learning
Fosters enthusiasm for learning
Reduces instances of truancy

Quality of Life - copy
For Quality of Life

Lowers Stress
Fosters Empathy
Effective Therapy for Physical, Neurological and Emotional Trauma

Florida Arts & Culture
Grant Year Ending 2022

Programs & Projects Funded
$ 0 M
State Grant Funds Invested
$ 0 M+
Leveraged Matching Funds
0 M
Florida Jobs Supported
0 M+
Individuals & Audience Members Served in Person
0 M+
Individuals Served Virtually

Florida Arts & Culture
Funding Last 3
Legislative Sessions

Despite the challenges (of every sort), Florida arts and culture advocates,  practitioners and legislators are Rising to Resilience! 

FYE 2023

  • $59,088,125 recommended by the legislature to fund
  • 710 programs and projects

FYE 2022 

  • $26,734,636 in appropriations ensuring
  • 668  programs receive funding

FYE 2021

  •  $13,525,019 in appropriations & ensuring
  • 481 programs received funding.

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